You will need
  • • paint;
  • • spatula;
  • • brushes (wide and narrow);
  • • coarse sandpaper;
  • • construction tape;
  • • brush of metal wires.
Determine the scope of upcoming repairs to calculate the amount of paint. To do this, measure the painted area. It will be equal to the area of the walls from the roof to the Foundation, minus the area of Windows and doors.
Buy paint in a store or on the basis of the building. For exterior painting of walls, you can use alkyd enamel, oil paint, acrylic and alkyd water impregnation. You should choose between alkyd enamel and oil paints, since the aqueous impregnation are better suited for walls, sheathed the new tree. The amount of paint determine by multiplying the value of average consumption (indicated on the Bank) to the area of the painted surface. The resulting number is double because the quality coverage you need to apply at least two coats of paint.
Prepare the walls for painting. Check and if necessary adjust the elements of the old skin, worn out. Using a metal brush clean the surface of the old paint. Remove from the walls of the cleaned husks. Architraves, window frames, doorways sand paper. To prevent the ingress of paint, using masking tape, close the glass wrapping paper or old Newspapers.
Before operation the paint mix thoroughly. Apply it with a wide brush from the top down. To do this you need to drips of paint could be rubbed, avoiding drips. For the first coat use a liquid paint to make it filled in small cracks and pores. After two or three days cover the walls with a second layer of paint.
Tidy up the window frames, cornices, panelco doors. Paint them with narrow hair brush. On cleansed from dirt, the surface apply the paint lighter tones or contrast. When finished, remove the tape and paper off the Windows.