I have to say - if the floor falls under your feet, repair can be avoided. However, postponing the replacement of worn floor, we can wait for the moment when you have to drop everything and will need to only deal with the floor repair, investing in it all means, and lot of effort. The cost of repairing the floor is often the limiting factor for the beginning of the repair. With a lack of Finance all the good ideas have to be postponed. Therefore, you have to weigh the possibilities and not encroach on something that will not do.

And now, about who to avoid floor damage. If you have updated floors 5-8 years ago, then about another repair to think while early. But the owners, who has the floor has not changed since the house was built, it is time to check the extent to which it is worn. In houses built long-standard floor slabs covered with concrete block and filled with concrete, the top is insulation, which time has worn, and the top floors of boards. Soundly timber floors are well dried boards may last a very long time.

But if your floor boards began to creak and SAG under the weight of the person, and between boards having cracks, it is an occasion to think about the floor repair or complete replacement. And this does not mean that the old floor must be covered with new linoleum. After this repair the new flooring will last you very long. So before you lay something new, you need to align and strengthen the old floor, which will serve as the basis for a new fashionable cover. To make this possible in two ways: to repair wooden floor or completely replacing it. Consider these options of floor repair.

Repair the wooden cover.

Hardwood floor repair only in case, if you are sure that the base is in good condition and need only a little to strengthen the loose floorboards. The scheme of repair of the wooden floor is simple:

- clean the Board from the paint, that do a good job sander, it will easily remove all the paint layers to the wood;

- examining the Board - cracked and rotten and unreliable remove, and replace them with a new and sturdy;

- check how secured the boards to the joists if the boards are nailed with nails, should hammer in nails so that the cap is plunged into the Board by 5 mm and optionally commit them to the screws, they are more reliable than nails;

- narrow gap, gloss over the special wood putty, holes appeared after a deepening of nails and screws, the same blurs putty;

- cracks in width more than 0.5 cm, cover with a piece of wood (CAPICOM), planting it on the same wood putty;

- puttied places smoothed with sandpaper or pass again with a grinding machine on a floor;

- remove debris with a vacuum cleaner or brush, and then get rid of the dust with a damp cloth;

- put on a renovated floor paint or floor covering is laid. The repair of the floor under the power of any man.

Complete replacement of the wooden cover.

If more than half of the boards had deteriorated, it is easier to completely replace all the floorboards. The current procedure for laying of wooden flooring has become more reliable. The current boards of solid wood made from a pile. On the one hand boards are tongue and groove on the other hand provide a solid and without gaps to connect the boards together. For reliability, the joints can be glued. The disadvantage of this repair can be attributed to the high price. But these floors are more durable and environmentally friendly.

If you want something modern, such as laminate or wood flooring, it is best to completely dismantle the old wooden floor and perform a solid Foundation of concrete.