Advice 1: Where to start the restoration of the old house

The restoration of the old house - it is no less difficult than building new. To the old house to bring to condition, you have to put a lot of effort. Reconstruction usually begins with the strengthening of the Foundation, then tidy the walls, complete the roof repair.
Overhaul of the building
Before you rebuild the house, it is necessary to estimate, develop a detailed succession plan work, define scope of repairs.

Restoration Foundation

First you need to decide what condition the Foundation. If the old Foundation lost strength and his condition is alarming, try to rescue it. Quick Foundation repair in low-rise construction can be done by applying the technology of screw piles. The essence is to replace the Foundation of all types of screw piles.

During the reconstruction of the Foundation under the wooden house should lift to a certain height with the help of jacks. If the structure has signs of heavy erosion, it is better to completely disassemble and install the new one. The Foundation with minor changes, you can strengthen brick walls. If it's tape construction – install formwork and add concrete Foundation mix.

How to update the frame

The most common material in low-rise construction – wood. Wooden houses can stand for 100 years, or even longer, but they are deteriorating and require repair. The restoration of the old log house takes place in several stages. Initially remove the old finish, see the state of the logs. Then replace the rotted crowns. Seal the seams between the logs. Today there are several variants of the seal is a traditional old-fashioned way – caulking oakum and modern that have become popular in recent years, the way seal agrillaceous sealant. The frame is treated with antiseptic.

To strengthen the frame can impose a brick or brick artificial stone. A good option for the facade renovation – siding.


Complete restoration work to repair the roof. A sturdy roof is the key to a comfortable warm accommodation. Remember that roof restoration is only possible in dry weather.

From the roof remove the cover, check the crate, all rotten boards replaced with new. Sometimes you need to change the secondary bars. If the wooden elements of the roof affected by the bug, they should be treated with antiseptic, nitro or acetone, they effectively fight parasites.

Updated on top of the sheathing is laid waterproofing material, lay new cover.

The restoration of the old home – a laborious process, but with effort you can achieve remarkable results.

Advice 2 : How to repair a house in the village

A private house in the village – a great opportunity for outdoor recreation and alternative to a city apartment. However, before you settle for Gorohouse, village house need to be repaired. The scope of work depends on the condition of housing, your requests and possibilities.
How to repair a house in the village
Evaluate the condition of the house. Walk through the rooms, open and close all Windows and doors, look in the basement and in the attic. Check the condition of the furnace, chimney and roof. At the end of the bypass make a list of necessary work. Calculate the approximate estimate. Keep in mind that the repair will almost certainly require additional expenses, so plan waste coming with the stock.
Decide who will repair. Some owners prefer to start the repairs yourself. However, this approach is reasonable only if you have enough time and have the skills of such works. Ideally you should share the duties – the workers will work with complex sites – for example, repairs to plumbing, roof or too much sex. But the master will have small time-consuming work – patching, painting and General governance.
Purchase the necessary materials. Choosing them, consider their life. Don't skimp on important points – for example, materials for roofing, water pipes, floor boards. But you can cut costs through the finish – select cheap Wallpaper, paint, linoleum, interior doors.
Do not dream about global rearrangements. Should not carry out alterations to the old house. The soil under the Foundation is compacted in a certain way. The reorganization will cause a redistribution of pressure, which can lead to shrinkage and cracks in the walls. For the same reason it is not recommended to align the wall, slightly changed the angle.
But from all care should be taken to the floors. It is best to completely remove the old floor, to strengthen the ceiling and lay new boards, placing them under the insulation. If you want to put new Windows, call a specialist to take accurate measurements – most likely, standard Windows don't fit you.
If in housee has a stove, get a stove, so he examined her and decided that you want to restore. Please note that current repair the furnace and clean the chimney will have to be conducted annually.

Advice 3 : How to repair old wooden house

The tree begins to break down. Under the influence of moisture may be affected by fungal diseases, bugs, borers. Methods of repair of the old wooden house depends on how it is built, has the frame and the filling, or made of lumber or roundwood.
How to repair old wooden house
You will need
  • - construction materials for repair.
Repair wooden frame house remove the upper trim. Replace the rotten frame members. Open top, where you will fill up insulated material. Most often to produce zasypku enough to climb to the roof and attic side to fill the wall.
First, all the old backfill thoroughly tamp with a long pole on which to fasten the bayonet shovel. This method allows to fill all formed over time of the void. On top add the insulated material. Suitable slag, clay, earth. Again everything is thoroughly tamp.
To further insulate the house, fit an its two layers of mineral wool. This type of insulation does not create a steam effect, detrimental impact on wooden structures. Exterior you can do at your own discretion. As a finish suitable grooving the planks, siding.
If the house is made of timber or roundwood, for the overhaul required to replace rotten logs, which are most often on the lower crowns.
To replace the bottom logs to make the struts that can be mounted only on a solid logs with no signs of podgnivaniju. All the upper crowns fasten together by means of bars or plates, carefully tie the piers.
The struts dig into the ground slope and secure on the durable crowns that you don't plan to change. Gently remove the decayed timber and apply a new one. Repair need to make turns on all sides of the house. Remove all the rotten crown, as struts can not stand and the whole house will collapse.
In the frame, and in the log house, except repair walls almost always have to change the ceiling and floor. To repair the ceiling, remove the upper joists, install the new and lay the scaffold. To do tile the ceiling in the old house is dangerous, so it is enough to replace the old joists and planks for a new one.
The same method repair the floor. Remove all the old planks and joists and install a new one.

Advice 4 : How to repair a village house

The village house is a wonderful place for a family holiday. Unfortunately, over time, the impact of various adverse factors, the structure wears out. Well thought out and efficiently executed repairs drastically transform your home.
How to repair a village house
First carefully consider what and how much you need to repair. Walk around the house, carefully inspect all structures subject to various defects. Then make a plan of future work and an estimate.
Next, go to the store for materials. By the way, don't forget to decide who will repair you or specialized construction team. If you have plans for a major alteration building (for example, full replacement of the roof, floor or equipment of the buildingand sewage system), it is wise to entrust the execution of works to the professionals.
Do not forget that for almost any building is of great importance to the Foundation, its solidity. If the base buildingand durable, the Foundation is still will last a long time. If you plan to attach the new room to the house, first make a footing for the new wall. It must be securely linked with the already existing, otherwise the walls of the new structure can move away from the old, forming cracks.
Pay great attention to the floor. If possible, replace it completely. If the house is wooden, you should think about the wall covering modern finishing materials such as siding. This will protect the wall from moisture and increase the thermal insulation of the house. It is also worth to change the old roof. There are many materials available for roof: metal, slate, steel materials and others.
From all care, inspect the water supply system of the buildingand gas equipment. If the faucet is dripping rusty water, and some pipe is rotten or smells of gas, change to all communications is a must. Don't forget about the gutters, they should work.
Replace old Windows. Put modern plastic window construction. Specialist, it will make accurate measurements. These Windows are very durable. Thanks to them in your housee will always be warm and quiet.

Advice 5 : Features of repair of a private house

How often do we change the rapid pace of city life for the calm and the quiet village life. Someone gets home and goes there for permanent residence, and someone moved into a private house only from time to time.
Features of repair of a private house

In order to turn your home into an abode of comfort and coziness, and appeared before you in all its splendor, it must have a good repaired. So everything in the house fits your needs and desires will have fully converted. Repair private house – a very important process. Need to do design in-house facilities, to issue the necessary documentation, the right to choose and, of course, to perform all scheduled work.

This should be strictly observed rules and regulations relating to the construction of country cottages. The repair process of a country house has many specifications and should be carried out only by qualified experts working in this field. Renovated country house is divided into three types. It all depends on the amount of work needed. The cheapest and easiest cosmetic repairs. If the house is in good condition and you just want to change the interior finishes and the use of more modern materials this will be a cosmetic repair.

More complex and expensive – overhaul. This provides the process of structural repairs and in-house systems, external furnish of the house. Home renovation can escalate into a complete reconstruction of the building in which they will finish building the new premises, changed the floors, carried out the complete redesign of the interior. The repair will change the house beyond recognition, but it will require a lot of funds and use of special equipment. After any repair your house must match your requests.

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