Before you rebuild the house, it is necessary to estimate, develop a detailed succession plan work, define scope of repairs.

Restoration Foundation

First you need to decide what condition the Foundation. If the old Foundation lost strength and his condition is alarming, try to rescue it. Quick Foundation repair in low-rise construction can be done by applying the technology of screw piles. The essence is to replace the Foundation of all types of screw piles.

During the reconstruction of the Foundation under the wooden house should lift to a certain height with the help of jacks. If the structure has signs of heavy erosion, it is better to completely disassemble and install the new one. The Foundation with minor changes, you can strengthen brick walls. If it's tape construction – install formwork and add concrete Foundation mix.

How to update the frame

The most common material in low-rise construction – wood. Wooden houses can stand for 100 years, or even longer, but they are deteriorating and require repair. The restoration of the old log house takes place in several stages. Initially remove the old finish, see the state of the logs. Then replace the rotted crowns. Seal the seams between the logs. Today there are several variants of the seal is a traditional old-fashioned way – caulking oakum and modern that have become popular in recent years, the way seal agrillaceous sealant. The frame is treated with antiseptic.

To strengthen the frame can impose a brick or brick artificial stone. A good option for the facade renovation – siding.


Complete restoration work to repair the roof. A sturdy roof is the key to a comfortable warm accommodation. Remember that roof restoration is only possible in dry weather.

From the roof remove the cover, check the crate, all rotten boards replaced with new. Sometimes you need to change the secondary bars. If the wooden elements of the roof affected by the bug, they should be treated with antiseptic, nitro or acetone, they effectively fight parasites.

Updated on top of the sheathing is laid waterproofing material, lay new cover.

The restoration of the old home – a laborious process, but with effort you can achieve remarkable results.