Advice 1: How to fix the shape of the skull

In adulthood to correct the shape of the skull can be turned to cranio-maxillo-facial surgeons, but it should be functional indications – micro or Cephalonia, congenital deformation of the skull. Such deformations with lower cost and painless can be corrected when a person is at an early age. Contact your doctor when the child turns four months.
How to fix the shape of the skull
If your baby's head after birth has an irregular shape, you should not panic – deformation, most likely caused by the passage through the birth canal. At this point, the soft bones of the skull of the child can be squeezed by the vaginal muscles, and their edges, even to go at each other. You can fix this by not allowing his head to lie long in one position and turning it on its side during sleep. Use a special orthopedic pillow for newborns, to fix encountered in the back of the head and neck curvature of the skull.
Eliminate the possibility of the baby rickets, in which the shape of the skull also may be deformed. Consult your doctor if you are breast-feeding, to restore the disturbed balance of calcium in the body. For a child on artificial feeding, the pediatrician will choose the appropriate formula.
To year the form of the skull of the child you can try to fix with the help of massage (osteopathy), in severe cases, you may be referred for surgery at the Russian Children's Clinical Hospital, but it is also necessary to have time before the child turns a year. There are at least 10 groups which share options impairments shape of the skull. For the diagnosis and treatment of each of them requires an individual approach, which can provide only a specialist.
The sooner you contact a specialist, the better. In most cases, surgery is performed in 4-6 months. The syndrome Caruso's term of operation is selected taking into account individual peculiarities of child development. This early period is due to the intensive growth of the brain during this period and the fact that achieve better cosmetic results – the stitches from the surgery will be virtually invisible.
Before surgery you will need to prepare and submit CT reconstruction of the skull, finally, the optometrist, sometimes EEG or MRI. In some cases, where there is a suspicion for a specific genetic syndrome need genetic conclusion.
The cause of the deformation of the skull bones of your baby can be a genetic component (sintony syndrome). Remember that late correction and treatment of these pathologies may lead to severe cosmetic defects, partial loss of hearing and even hinder mental development of the baby.

Advice 2: Why beneath the cross of Jesus Christ is depicted as a skull and crossbones

Some people may be confused by the presence of the skull and bones under the Cross of Christ. However, in images of the crucifixion are all deeply symbolic and points out important aspects of Christian faith and tradition.
Why beneath the cross of Jesus Christ is depicted as a skull and crossbones

Image of a skull and bones under the crucifixion of the Lord Jesus Christ is often found not only on the icons depicting the passion of the Savior's sufferings, but also on the pectoral crosses. At the same time, some of the images of the crucifixion next to the skull are the letters "G" and "A". It is a kind of abbreviation of Adam's head. Thus, under the crucifixion of Christ is depicted as the head of the progenitor of mankind, Adam.

This practice is based on Church tradition. The Holy Scriptures call the Calvary (place where Jesus was crucified, Christ, Calvary. It is believed that there was laid the body of Adam the righteous after death. An explanation of the naming of Calvary Calvary can also be found in the Christian tradition. The first people didn't know what to do with the deceased person. Therefore, Adam was put on earth, and under the rays of the sun, the skin and muscle tissue istina before the appearance of the frontal bone.

The crucifixion of the Lord Jesus Christ on the burial place of the first man, Adam is deeply symbolic. So, Scripture tells us that death came into the world after the fall of man. Just as through Adam came into the world sin and death, in Christ humanity was succeeded by reconciliation with God, salvation and the opportunity to be in Paradise after death. The blood of the Savior of the world, as it washed the burial place of Adam and his skull.

Skull and bones under the image of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ represent all of humanity that needed saving. Sin of the first parents, who prevented peace between people and God, now washed by the blood of the only begotten Son of God. The sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ was the testimony of the great love of God to man.

Thus, images of a skull and bones under the crucifixion not talking about a mystical death, does not mean magical elements of necromancy. It is a indication of tradition and a symbol of salvation of all mankind through the death of the Savior of the world.


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