You will need
  • - tinted moisturizer in three shades.
If in doubt, direct your nose or slightly curved, conduct a simple test. Pull the index finger of the right hand and press it to her lips, as if saying "Shh!". The tip of your finger should rest against the base of the nose. Making a chewing motion and helping his lower jaw, push his nose on the finger. As a result, the nose will shrink and if it has deviated, it will become obvious. Please note that to do the opposite is to press a finger on the base of the nose is wrong.
If you have a slightly crooked nose, hide this shortcoming from others with the help of makeup. You will need a Foundation of three colors: primary, which is applied all over the face, lighter than the base (highlight) and darker than the main (circuit). Highlight apply to the middle of the nose in a straight line. Outline dim space on the sides up to the border with the highlight. Blend well the color transitions. To the nose as a whole did not stand out, use highlight and contour other areas of the face. How to do this, you can learn, for example, from books guru makeup Robert Jones.
If you are the owner of the hooked nose and suffer because of this, try the new development of Japanese scientists Nose Lifter. The device operates based on electrical vibration. It is recommended to use 3-5 minutes a day, and the result is beautiful straight nose will not keep you waiting. In any case, as promised by the developers.
To correct severe cases of crooked nose and a hooked nose, resort to rhinoplasty. If a congenital defect of the nose, then the operation can be carried out not earlier than 18 years of age. It is better to turn to a trusted doctor who has operated on some of your friends and got a good result.