Advice 1: How to prepare for the exam in one day

Fun and carefree lived all this time, and just found out today that next week will be exam? It's simple. It would wish, and you can prepare for one evening. However, the rating will largely depend on what the person's abilities and luck. But what it will guarantee.
How to prepare for the exam in one day
The first step is to ring up his friends, senior students and to gather as much information about the teacher. This will add confidence in the exam, you will know what to expect and be ready for tricky questions. It will be useful to know the surname, name and patronymic of the teacher, his academic degree, favorite topics in the subject, loved the questions on the exam, and the subject.
Take a list of questions to the exam and read it carefully in order to present the object holistically.
Need to find the most short and clear answer to each question mark, where and what question lies the answer.
Slowly, very carefully read the answer to each question. Where necessary, pause and reflect on the reading, set the logical relationship between different issues and also the surrounding reality. With the teacher in the exam this will allow you to communicate freely and reflect.
When the understanding of the subject has already appeared, it is possible to prepare Cribs. But dwelling on it is not worth it, just do it to be safe. In order to save time, Cribs is better to make as concise as possible and only on the most difficult questions.Consider the process of using cheat sheets on exams.
When the crib prepared, you need to re read the answers to the questions. But one should not focus on cramming. Be calm and confident in themselves and in their abilities. Also read material from other sources, it will affect the brain, roughly speaking, from different sides of the understanding.
Read the material before the exam is not worth it. In such a situation in my head will only recently read the material.

Advice 2 : How to pass an oral examination

The oral exam is a difficult test for a person who can not speak in public. And I want to pass successfully. There are a few rules of passing the exam. First, you need to learn a thing. But if taught, and confidence is down.
How to pass an oral examination
You will need
  • patience, memory and the desire to learn the subject
Need internally tune. Believe in yourself, you know. Approach the teacher confidently. The ticket also pulling immediately without hesitation. Reading the ticket, do not immediately think that this question is not known. Don't scare yourself in advance. If you learned something, maybe you can remember the essential phrases. Do not panic. So, quietly tell the teacher room. Can even smile. Go and get ready.
After analyzing the ticket, scribble the answer on the paper. Not in a hurry. Focus.
Speak about yourself the answer. Build beautiful sentences, not to Meca. If absolutely nothing comes to mind, sprinkles answer what you know, tying this to the question. For a moment, imagine that you are now going to talk with his best friend. You need to highlight the answers to these questions. Believe me, it is easier to answer. Much harder to focus if to think all the time – now I will fill it. The teacher does not need you to blame. He is happy to talk with you, if you are even slightly proficient in his subject.
Go to answer when you feel ready. But do not linger to the last. It can play against you. Here you sit down to the teacher. Look at him confidently. Mentally or even aloud read the question. And start answering as if you are in the company of friends. And just to prove their point of view on this issue. Say, if you can not monotone. Speak clearly. If in the opinion of the teacher you understand that the answer is not entirely true, you can beat the phrase. To say that there is an opinion, but you don't quite agree. Try to begin your response with a topic that you know and share it as much as possible. The second question will be less time that you need. Fill in the answer information not only from the curriculum. If you ever read on the subject, can indicate the opinion of the author and the book. People who read not only the material, look more erudite.
Do not pay attention to any signs, believe me.
Useful advice
Try to set aside time to prepare for the exam.
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