You will need
  • -4 days
  • -will power
The list of issues divide roughly into three equal parts. On each of these parts you will spend one day. If your list of 30 questions, one day you will be able to consider 10 questions. In General, the entire list it will take just three days.
One part waste one day. No less and no more. Do not attempt to read one day with more questions than you planned. Do not be lazy to read all the questions to the entire list had to master in one day. And don't forget to take a little break by reading five questions. A 15-minute break will increase your concentration on preparing the next issues.
Read the answer to the question, highlight the key points. These key points can be written on a separate sheet of paper – so the main information will be remembered better. If possible, say aloud the answer to the question. It seems childish method, but the school has not just taught to retell the texts. Retelling is a very effective method for memorizing information.
Disassemble each question individually. It is not necessary to read the General information on the topic of the five questions, it is better to know a specific answer to each of them.
The fourth day is the day before the exam. He must pass relaxed. In this day you need to re-read all of the answers to the questions, repeat them or tell the. And that's all. No new information – only recurrence. So relaxed the day before the exam will let you not spend too much nerves and energy and is the key to great grades.