Take the application form in the administration or the organization, which should put you in the waiting list for housing. To fill the document you need to apply for income certificate of all family members: about salaries, scholarships, pensions and children's allowances. If someone living with you residents studying, you need a confirmation from an educational institution. Make photocopies of passports and birth certificates and marriage. Take in the BTI floor plan.
Prepare the documents that prove your eligibility for housing. If you are applying for an extension of the living space for the reason that you are poor, you need to confirm your status. Contact the Department of social protection or to the head of administration, to assign the desired category of citizens. You also need to prove that the living space does not meet the standards, i.e. at each prescribed provisions is not enough square meters. For this purpose issue a certificate of family composition or extract from the house register and a copy of the orders for housing.
Fill out the top of the statement. Write your name, address of registration, place of work and contact numbers. Now start filling the body of the petition. The required data should be entered in the table. Write in full name of all family members living in the apartment. In the next column indicate the status of each of these. You in this case are considered by the applicant, and other people are against you, for example, a daughter or a sister. Enter the date of birth. In the next line, rewrite data from passports and birth certificates. In the last item of the table need to enter the names of organizations in which you are employed or studying.
Write under the table, how many people currently live in the apartment, and its area in square meters. Then complete the table with information about the family income for the current accounting year. Then list the taxable property of all who live in the apartment. Enter all the supporting documents that you attach to the statement. Check the signatures of all members of the family.