For free to an apartment in Moscow can one who is recognized as needing residential premises. Flats are provided on the basis of decisions of bodies of Executive power of Moscow, which are responsible for the provision of flats.
According to the Moscow city law "On ensuring the rights of residents of the city of Moscow to housing", in need of accommodation can be recognized:
1. Having citizenship of the Russian Federation;
2. Living in Moscow for more than 10 years;
3. Not committed within 5 years prior to the filing of the application for recognition need of accommodation action that caused the deterioration of existing housing conditions;
4. Poor.
It is important to present all these conditions simultaneously.
The above law prescribes and grounds for recognition in need of accommodation. Such grounds include:
1. The size of the area of premises on each member of the family less than 10 square meters in a separate apartment or at least 15 sqm in an apartment provided to different families.
2. The unsuitability of the dwelling in which the family lives;
3. The lack of facilities in the dwelling;
4. The lack of an independent right of use of premises or ownership rights to it.
For the recognition of the need of accommodation must submit an application to the relevant bodies of Executive authority at the place of residence. The application shall be attached documents certifying compliance with all conditions that allow to recognize the applicant in need of residential premises, as well as documents about the identity of the applicant, his citizenship and residence in Moscow. The statement shall be signed by all adult family members of the applicant. The application shall be considered within 30 working days. If the application is approved, the applicant is placed on the housing register.
The provision of flats is in the order queue. Outside of the apartment only orphans and children left without parental care, aged 18 years, residents of Moscow, suffering from severe chronic diseases, and the inhabitants of Moscow, whose dwelling designated unfit for habitation and reconstruction not be. All others are waiting their turn that could drag on for 15-20 years (in particular, in the present work apartment those who stood on the account at the end of the 1980s).