You will need
  • To collect the necessary documents.
Contact BTI to order and receive the cadastral passport at his apartment. You must have a valid passport or other document proving the identity, and the warrant on apartment or the contract of social hiring. If your apartment was redevelopment, it will need to legislate (to align), otherwise the privatization will not make.
Get help with residence in the passport office, indicating all family members registered in the apartment (certificate of family composition).

If any of the members of your family who will place your property on housing in the period of time from July 1991 to the present time had another residence, but this apartment, it is necessary to obtain a certificate from the passport (an extract from the house register) to the previous address and also a certificate that he has not yet used their right to free privatization at the previous place of residence (available to BTI at the same address). And if the change of address occurred after August of 1999, it is still a certificate of absence of ownership of privatised habitation will be given Federal service of state registration, cadastre and cartography in the former place of residence).

Family members are going to issue a disclaimer, these do not need help.
Come with the whole family (except children up to 14 years) with their own passports, birth certificates of minor children, and all documents and certificates listed above to the district Administration or any other institution in your city is accepting applications for privatization.
Write a statement: "In the administration of (enter your town) from (indicate your name and home and work phone) application. On the basis of the Law of the Russian Federation "On privatization of housing Fund in the Russian Federation" please (please) give me (us) in the sole (joint or shared) property occupied by me (us) a dwelling under a contract of employment at the address (indicate town, street, house number, apartment number). The owners of the apartment with the consent of all living, are: (list full name of all future owners, indicating ownership shares in privatezirovana housing). Attached to the application:" with a new line on the items listed: "1. Order 2. Certificate of family composition", the following items in the application list, indicate the certificate confirming that the right to free privatization was not previously used (if you provide them). Under the list of application date, and then you must sign first, all future owners of the apartment, and then all other adult family members.
Wait until family members who do not wish to take ownership, write the following statement: "In the administration of (name of locality) from the(name) application. I hereby declare that I (name), living (-th) at the address (city, street, house, apartment), refuse to participate in the privatization of apartments (rooms) address (street, house, apartment) with the preservation of such right in the future.", date, signature.
Wait until the Administration worker will review your documents and will certify that all your statements are self-signed by representative and stamped.

Breath of relief. A statement on privatization has been written and accepted. The process of registration of apartments in the property successfully started.