To restore laptop battery for Lenovo or battery for HP laptop can be their own. To do this, prepare a tester or multimeter, soldering iron (40 W), car light bulbs, model knife and superglue. First, disassemble the battery, and locate the seam between the two halves of the battery and with the dummy knife carefully try to separate them. This is not so simple, because the halves are firmly glued together, but still possible.
Then make sure that the battery is completely discharged. To do this, connect a car light bulb and check the voltage with a multimeter. If the lights are on and the total voltage is equal to the number of elements multiplied by 3.7 V (or more), you can go to repair. If it is less, test the same way each individual element of the battery and replace the faulty.
Further discharge of the remaining elements, as well as new ones that you will install in the battery. To do this, use the same light bulb and achieve voltage 3.2 V on each element. This is to ensure that, in future, the controller was charging the battery from scratch. Then will not have problems with the definition of battery level.
In the absence of the battery operation may be the other fault – the battery does not charge while the voltage on the contacts is 0. This malfunction is quite simple. Connect the power supply of your laptop to the sequential circuit elements using a 5 watt light bulb and wait for the battery voltage on each element will reach 3.4 V.
After the procedure recovery start the Assembly of the battery. Here you will need the cyan-acrylate glue to glue back the two halves of the battery. After the glue is dry, insert the battery again in the laptop and charge it.
Follow the rules of operation of batteries for laptops, to prolong its productive work.