Locate the icon of laptop battery in the lower right corner of the screen. Usually it looks like a battery (if the computer is connected to the network, then there will be another picture of plug). If no icon is visible in the legend, click on the arrow that points up. Panel opens with hidden icons. There will be visible the required battery.
Click the left mouse button on the icon. Box will pop up where you will see the battery level and selected power plan laptop. Without changing anything, pay attention to the bottom line - "advanced battery settings". Click on it.
In the left pane of the new window, select "Action when closing the lid". Please note that the settings you change on this page are automatically applied to all power plans.
The system asks you to choose how to act in case of the laptop from mains or battery. If your computer is permanently connected to the power wire, you can make changes only in the column "network". But it is better to put the same working conditions for both cases.
To the laptop worked when the cover is closed, refer to the third item in the list - "When I close the lid". In both Windows, set "Action not required". Confirm your selection with the button "Save changes". Now when the laptop lid is lowered, it will continue its work in normal mode.
Click on "Change plan settings". Because with the lid closed, the computer will continue to operate in normal mode, it will act the "nursing to sleep". In this case, it will be impossible, for example, continuing to charge any devices from the USB port.
If you often work offline, disable sleep mode in this column, in all three Windows by putting "Never". Now with power applied, the laptop will always work. If you want a permanent job computer and from the battery, in the appropriate column also select "Never". Save the changes.