You will need
  • cord to connect laptop socket;
  • - extention cord (depending on car type).
Before travelling, charge your laptop battery to full capacity. If you have a spare removable battery, charge it also. This precaution will not be superfluous, if charging in the way difficulties arise.
Take the road cord that connects the laptop to the outlet.
Take as an extender. The length of the wire depends on the location of your coupe. The cars of the Soviet type power socket in the corridor is typically located closer to the middle. The most far place from 1 to 4 and 33 to 36. In SV, respectively, 1 and 2 in the car early and 17 and 18 at the end.
Grab a tee if you simultaneously use the outlet in the corridor of the car wants someone else from the passengers. This precaution will help avoid conflicts.
Insert the cord of the laptop in the socket, if you are lucky enough to get into the car, where there are any in each compartment.
Use the socket in the hallway, if you got into an old car design. Paste the extention cord and route it to a compartment. Otherwise you have to stand in the corridor or vestibule in front of the toilet all the time until the battery will charge. If you are coming in the reserved seat or General car, the only way to recharge the laptop socket near the toilet, so no choice. Whether a few hours not the most convenient place or leave the laptop unattended, only you.
Consult a guide concerning the simultaneous inclusion in the socket multiple devices, if that is occupied with another passenger. If the conductor against, it is better not to insist: it is better to know the features of the power wagon. But try to negotiate with other passengers about using sockets alternately.