The most common cause of electrification of objects is static electricity. Because it gets you current, when you take off the gloves and touch the door handle when you pet the cat, brush my hair, open the car door. Especially often these phenomena occur in winter and autumn, when summer gives way to natural wear woolen jackets, coats, nylon tights, as well as things made of synthetic polyester and acetate. The physical nature of this phenomenon lies in the fact that in contact between two heterogeneous substances, such as gloves and hands, the redistribution of electrons. As a result of friction, or simply contact, is formed on the surface of the excess electric charge as one substance "pulls" from the other electrons. Then you touch his charged hand to the door handle, and at the time of discharge you and hits the shock. To reduce the likelihood of occurrence of static electricity, do not wear clothes made of Dacron, acetate, Nitron in combination with silk, wool and nylon. Home statics can accumulate in carpets and blankets of natural wool. From time to time, use antistatic spray, or add when washing the conditioners and rinses marked "antistatic". Due to the fact that electrical discharges mutually neytralizuya in moist air (at a humidity of more than 85% of static electricity practically does not occur), you will be able to help humidifier. The same effect will be from the numerous pots of flowers. Another possible reason that items are hitting the current, bad ground electrical appliances. In this case you feel the charge, touching the electric appliance included in the network, for example, to the washing machine or computer. Maybe because of the humid air disturbed the contact in the wires or circuits. You need to call an electrician and install outlets European-style three-pin"phase", "zero" and "ground"), to change faulty wires and to repair equipment. If shock hits you when you touch the battery or while washing hands from the tap, so some irresponsible citizens in your entrance using pipe as a ground, or just improperly connected washing machine. In this case, contact the housing office, call an electrician and a plumber, they will quickly compute such a "master".