You will need
  • - fiberglass;
  • epoxy or polyester resin;
  • - plywood with a thickness of 4-5 mm;
  • - the equipment of the radio;
  • - motors and batteries;
  • - a set of tools;
When building a radio controlled model ship or vessel it is very important to choose the right prototype. The model was well managed, it should have a small ratio of length to width. It means that RC model or a port tug boats will look much more spectacular and interesting features remote control model battleship.
The dimensions of the future model are determined by the need to place it with the receiver equipment control, servos, one or two electric motors and batteries. When properly selected size of the whole apparatus is compactly but without crowding. All its elements must be free access is provided by removable hatches and add-ons. Sometimes doing all the removable deck that provides full access to equipment.
The case of the model wikiepedia of fiberglass on the boob or in the matrix. In the latter case, you can get almost finished building, it will only strengthen the elements of the set and paint. For vyklicky use epoxy or polyester resin.
In the finished building: glue the stern tube and a bushing of the steering wheel. For the motor you need to assemble the regulator, which allows turning the variable resistor to gradually change its momentum. To the handle of the resistor is attached to a small lever that connects to the steering coming from the cars traction. When you turn the knob on the control panel engine model should smoothly change the speed.
Be sure to allow for a simple switch that changes the polarity applied to the motor voltage, it will allow you to change the direction of rotation of the screw. One servo will control the rudder of the model. If two screws, must be provided and mode of operation brasky – that is, when one screw is pulled forward and the other back.
The entire instrument placed in the body evenly, this will avoid her roll. The lower you place all the heavy items, the higher the stability of the model, the more cool and beautiful turns she will be able to perform.
Screw for model, you can solder it by yourself. To do this on a lathe machined brass bushing in the hole it is drilled and tapped under the tree. Then the sleeve is soldered brass blades, ready screw carefully aligned, balanced and polished.
When working on a model learn to do everything very carefully, avoiding the slightest negligence. It is important to learn the high culture of modeling in the future, this will stand in good stead. What made soundly and gently, usually works well. Even those model elements that are under the deck and not normally visible, must be carefully handled.
Provide on the model of the receiving antenna. Look very well paired, located on the sides. The power switch should be placed in a convenient location, it can be combined with any element of the add-ons. For example, the power turns on when you rotate the winch. When holding the model in your hand, be careful of accidental power to the motor can lead to injuries caused by sharp blades. First, immerse the model in water and only then turn on the power.