You will need
  • the electric motor or the internal combustion engine, chassis, oil, set of special paints, building models, batteries
First, decide what kind of model you want to collect. This can be a car, helicopter, plane or speed boat. The basic principle of the build is the same. The difference is in the outer shell of the model - her body. For example, we will collect the carmodel. You must select the body of the model. It is possible to choose any to your taste because the chassis models are unique, that is suitable for all buildings.
Case you can buy ready-made. And you can do it yourself. Best of all, if the housing is made of plastic. Then you can play with this modelu on the street in almost any weather. Very often, those pieces that are sold in stores are not fully meet the requirements of the Amateur models. They can be inaccurate or not particularly eye-catching. Why decorate the body they desire. Use special paint to give the modela more realistic ke. In stores you can find whole kits for this.
Now we need to think about the most important in the model - the engine. Decide which engine will provide the movement of your modelkey. There are two main types - motor and the internal combustion engine. Each has its pluses and minuses. If you are a beginner in the construction of models, use the motor. He is unpretentious to use and maintain. Also his price is lower.
Electric motor for model
The next step is the installation of the engine on the chassis. Usually this is nothing complicated. It is only necessary to connect the contacts and carefully attach the motor to the chassis. Note that the motor should not hang out. Check the operation of the chassis. All the gear should fit snugly to each other. If necessary, grease them with special oil.
Your model is almost ready. It remains to insert the batteries in the model and the controller. To check the efficiency and fasten the housing to the chassis. To do this, use a small bolt.