The Internet to find the drawings or detailed description of the scheme the manufacture of radio controlled boats. Also, such schemes you can take in the specialized literature or ask the participants of the thematic forums. Purchase all the necessary parts for making radio-controlled boats: materials for the casing, an electric motor, batteries, remote control, wire and button from the computer mouse.
Fabricate the housing. To do this, from the old cover of the system unit or refrigerator door, cut the appropriate part and bend it with a Vice. For making the bottoms cut out 2 matching parts, solder them and solder to the housing.
Treat all sharp edges, soldering lightly smooth, and cover the body with glue inside.
Instead, use the cover of the system unit the wood. In this case, the bottom must be attached to the housing, and the resulting billet at expansion joints to glue the masking tape on the outside, and the inside handle with glue and glue with fiberglass.
Then treat the surface with an epoxy adhesive, remove the masking tape, tape the corners and clean all surfaces.
Use small pieces of old broken appliances to build add-ons. They can also be done from small wooden wedges or cover of the system unit. Secure the superstructure on the deck and check the strength and watertightness of the whole structure.
Buy a ready-made model boats, if you don't want to make the case.
To a mouse button, solder a small wire. The opposite end of the wires solder to the motor (the positive pole; the negative pole of the motor). The remote connect button from the mouse. Insulate all connections.
Check the functionality of the design: when you press the mouse button, the boat should start moving.