Use accurate drawings for the construction of parts and elements of the hull of the boat. To start on a plywood panel with a width exceeding the width of the body 30 cm and a length exceeding the height of the Cabinet 40 cm, raschertite real size of the frames and the contour of the stem.
Swipe on the upper ends of the frames a horizontal line. Carving out patterns, consider the thickness of the strips and the material of the inner liner of the boat. Fragments of cross connect patterns using the pads of plywood inch thick.
Before assembling all of the fragments of the boats provide the most convenient method of installation of the cladding.
Assemble the matrix of the boat so that you have got a tough and durable construction which does not deform during further construction and Assembly of parts.
Pull along the boards installed in the base matrix of the case, the steel wire, which will allow you to navigate the construction of the vessel.
Installation patterns start with the mid-bulkhead, securing the item vertically and perpendicular lines.
Install braces on the bars of the base of the boat. Install then all the patterns and start sheathing the inside of the shell longitudinal strips with a thickness of 15 mm and a width of 50 mm.
The bottom inside obliviate slats with a width of 100 mm. Set one rail on Board, and the second on the bottom, and then install the slats at the upper edges of the sides.
The inner surface of the housing after installation of all elements of the drawing panel three millimeters thick plywood or hardboard, gluing sheathing material glue and zashpaklevyvaem the cracks with epoxy putty. The quality of the putty must be high – line maximum surface of plywood, sand it and paint with two layers of waterproof paint.
After the surface is dry apply wax or vaseline, and then attach it to the fiberglass and a final outer covering (laminate or GRP). Your boat will have a triple-layered lining.
In order to fill the deck light material, use a thick and lightweight foam. Using drawings, fabricate the upper deck and the wheelhouse of the captain.
If the work will lead to a few people, you can make a boat fast enough, saving a large amount of money on its purchase.