First determine the technology building. There are two main ways: in the first first made a model, sheathe thin plywood. Then hang the finished hull with several layers of fiberglass. If you use the second option made the matrix, which then vyklevyvajut the hull of the boat.
The first option is suitable for those who are building the boat in one piece. The disadvantage of this method is that the finished hull needed to be rather time-consuming process. The second option is costly in time and material for the manufacture of the matrix, but it allows you to body with a perfect surface that needs only painting. This method is useful for small-scale production, as the matrix remains intact and ready to build another boat.
Choosing the first way to create, according to the drawings, a model of the future boats. If this is your first independent building, select a set of finished drawings - it will save you from many problems. To build the boat in his own drawings is only after acquiring some experience.
In the construction of boats use only stainless steel fasteners, brass or bronze screws and nails. Used fiberglass must be annealed with a blowtorch (but not perezhyte!) to a faint brown tint. Without this treatment, the fiberglass will not absorb used polyester or epoxy resins and the case will be very fragile.
When choosing a resin, remember that working with polyester resin is lighter than epoxy, but the strength of polyester resins is less. For veclachi the first layers of skin you will need stekloreza – that is the rough fiberglass weave. For the outer layers of the hull use fiberglass satin weave. On the top there is a glass – thin fabric weaving rare, well impregnated with resin.
Finished case where you want to locate and Polish. This work should start before the resin is finally cured. Be sure to work in a respirator, use electric tools to process a large corpus manually is very difficult.
If you choose the second option first, make a matrix. This will require you to create a set, reverse the case of the future boats. Use polyester resin, the thickness of the walls of the matrix should not do with less than 8 millimeters. The matrix must have edges of rigidity that it is not "led". Remember that the quality of the surface of the matrix determines the quality of the future of the hull of the boat.
Vileika case in the matrix, start with the application of the separating layer – without it, the body tightly stuck to the matrix. As a separation layer, use the wax for floors, vaseline, wax. After application starts forming the hull of the boat. First apply a decorative (colored) layer, its thickness is 0.4-0.6 mm. and Then sequentially stacked layers of fiberglass, fiberglass and stalloreggi. All the layers are carefully primatyvajutsja roller to the surface of the matrix.
After the formation of the corps you need to install (paste) the inner set. Do it right in the matrix, this method will allow to avoid deformations. The deck is manufactured in a separate matrix and connect with the body or wilate. Done properly, in the matrix case does not require additional finishing and staining.