You will need
  • - the block of wood slats;
  • - thick paper;
  • - cardboard;
  • - nitrocellulose adhesive;
  • - nitroenamel;
  • - the spray gun;
  • - tooth powder;
  • - thin wire;
  • - threads;
  • - sandpaper;
  • - sharp knife.
Select the prototype vessel model which you collect. You can use prepared technical descriptions and drawings, as well as self-study design an appealing vehicle illustrations and photos. Pay attention to even small details, because in the ideal case, you have to create a very accurate copy of a sailing ship.
Determine the scale in which it will be a model of the ship. It is recommended to use a scale of 1:500, but in each case there are other relationships this will depend primarily on your capabilities, as well as from the real size of the ship.
Perform conceptual design in future models. If you do not have the necessary artistic abilities, it is more convenient to go straight to the image of the future models in the form of a drawing, made in three projections. Select the drawing size, given the chosen scale. Make a list of basic and auxiliary elements of the hull that you will recreate. This will help not to miss important details, making any realistic model.
The case of the model of a sailboat cut-out rectangular block of wood and apropriate it using cardboard templates. Templates alternately attach to the hull starting from the bow and ending at the stern. Finished case process an emery paper, having smoothed all rough edges. If the building has obvious cracks, fill them with putty, making it from nitrocellulose glue and tooth powder.
The deck is fabricated from heavy paper or cardboard. It is advisable to use glossy paper. The finished deck paint nitroemalyu in dark red color, matching the real color of the ship minium. For painting use a spray bottle.
From construction paper make the bulwarks and fit it to the size of the deck. Butt glue the bulwarks to the deck and color along with the body. The part of a ship which is under water, paint in a bright color that matches the color of the prototype.
Deck structures make from pieces of thin plywood or foam. Ready elements glue colored paper. If the design of a sailboat provides manhole covers, imitate them, pasted on cardboard cheesecloth.
Mast models are manufactured from wire or glue from wooden sticks, pre-obstrusive them to give shape. Rigging make them sturdy harsh thread or thin wire.
For sails, use white paper, as the fabric on a small model will look rough and not too natural. Draw on paper the sail cut lines with a sharp pencil. The model is ready. If you want you can make it a simple stand made of two wooden bars. To keep the sailboat is best in a glass Cabinet to protect from dust and accidental damage.