We can say that aristocratic manners peculiar to Pekingese from birth. The breed standard does not provide for the acquisition of working ability, the main purpose of this dog – companion. But the puppy must be taught basic commands, and their rapid perception helps stable steady mind, peculiar to this breed. To complicate the process of education can only be exaggerated possessive sense, but it can be overcome with love, affection or a treat.
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Arm yourself with patience and try to never raise your voice or, even more, to beat the dog. If the relationship with the owner will be aggressive, the puppy will grow stubborn, angry, disobedient and apathetic. Enjoy the learning process, and your pet is will you respond with obedience and love, and the lessons will give you both a lot of fun and pleasant moments.
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To its place the puppy gets used almost immediately. If after food and sleep, you will put him on the newspaper, then three month all your things he will do only in strictly designated place. It's very convenient because you will be relaxed about it, even if you are late and do not have time to take him for a walk.
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The puppy should have a regular feeding place. Beckon him, poured the feed, the command "To me", it will make it easier for him to learn it. In two months will teach him this command and follow it with a treat you can have after three months, when the time of revaccination. In the same period, accustom the puppy to the leash. The first time it is possible to fasten for five minutes two or three times a day while walking.
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When he gets comfortable with the leash, teach him the command "no", supporting her with a stern voice and a slight jerk of the leash. On a leash Pekingese can not drive for long periods of time, danger to the people he represents. Walk with him, so he got used to the street noise, other dogs and people. Do not rush to take him in his arms, when he would show fear, better encouraging Pat, comforting. Walks will soon become a pleasure, but remember that they should not be too long - Pekinese not designed to overcome long distances.
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To punish the puppy with a stern voice only at the moment of committing the "crime", after a few minutes he won't remember what you've just done a puddle, and did not associate the punishment with this act. Not teach him to beg from the table, but to wean him from barking you don't have to – the Pekingese is not hollow. Love him and take care of it, the little furball will become your most devoted friend, able bravely to protect you in case of the slightest danger.