Write the statement with the request to issue a duplicate contract. This statement must be signed by the tenant and members of his family, which is also included in the contract of social hiring of premises. Justify the statement the necessity of issuing of a duplicate. Remember that you are responsible for the accuracy of all information contained and provided in your application.
Reassure your signature and the signature of the members of your family have a specialist legal Department of administration of municipal formation on the basis of documents certifying your identity (e.g. passport). Also, these signatures can be certified by a notary or other official authorized by applicable law on notarial acts.
Attach to the application documents that confirm your right to receive a copy of the agreement: a certificate of residence on family composition, certificate of BTI, a copy of the orders and passports or other documents certifying the identity of the members of your family.
After the application with attachments will be submitted to the Department of administration of municipal formation specialists will register these documents in the journal and after verification will issue a duplicate copy of the contract of social hiring of premises.
Made a duplicate is within 30 days from the date of registration of the submitted documents. For its design removed the copy of the original contract, which is stored in the archive. On the first page of the document in the upper right corner is stamped "Duplicate" on the last — affirmative inscription with the signature of the authorized official. All pages of a document are numbered and prochlorophyta.
Executed duplicate of the agreement in two copies. One of them is issued to the applicant, the other is stored in the legal Department of the administration. The issue of the document made only upon presentation of a passport. And in the log of duplicate stamp on results document.