Start with identifying the type of modem for the mobile computer. These devices are internal and external. The first type is connected to the slot of the motherboard and the second to a USB port.
If you have no problems with disassembling the laptop and installing additional devices, please purchase an internal modem. This approach will allow you to keep USB ports free. In addition, such equipment takes up relatively little space.
In that situation, when the mobile computer is not expired the warranty period, get an external modem connected to the USB interface.
Examine the technical characteristics of the equipment chosen. First specify networks what kind of works modem. These can be network operators (GPRS, 3G, and 4G) and different wireless channels, such as WiMax.
Specify the maximum data transfer speed provided by mobile operator or service provider whose services you are going to use. On the basis of the received information, select the modem. Its capacity should not be lower than the speed of Internet access, as declared by the provider.
Note the ability to connect to different network operators. A certain part of the modem is designed to use a specific provider. Most of these devices are sold in the salons of cellular communication assigned to a particular operator.
Before you buy connect the modem to the mobile computer. Some devices are so bulky that they can block adjacent USB ports on your laptop. If you are faced with a similar problem, select the modem smaller. Sometimes in such situations it is wiser to use a USB extension cable. Its application also enables to achieve a high level of signal in certain areas.