You will need
  • - ASUS WLAN Utility.
Select the type of Wi-Fi adapter, which you will use. These devices can connect to PCI slot of the motherboard or into a USB port. Be sure to check the option of creating your own wireless access point if you need this feature.
Purchase a Wi-Fi adapter and connect it to the computer. To provide a higher level of signal when using the USBadapterand connect it via a USB extension cable. This will allow you to place wireless equipment in the right place. Install the software and drivers that match your operating system.
If you are using a Wi-Fi adapter company ASUS, install ASUS WLAN Utility. Run this app. Open the Config menu located on the left toolbar. Now go to the tab the Soft AP.
Select Soft AP Mode and check the box next to Enable ICS. To provide mutual access between the network devices and devices connected to wireless access point, specify the desired local network under Available network. Click Apply to set the changes to take effect.
The program will then restart, and the window title will change its name to Wireless Access Point Utility. Using this tool, it is quite difficult to set password access set up a wireless point. Recommend to pre-enter a valid MAC address of the equipment that you plan to include in the network. Turn on the laptop and press simultaneously the "start" and R.
Enter in the new field cmd. After opening the command prompt, type ipconfig /all. Write down the MAC addresses of adapters wireless network. Now, navigate to Access Control located in the Config menu. Enter the MAC address into the Access Control List and click Accept. Save the settings for the adapterand by pressing the Apply button.