You will need
  • - network cable.
Select Wi-Fi router that is designed to work with your provider. Determine the need for a connector WAN or DSL. Specify the number of Ethernet ports to which you can connect desktop computers. Find out the types of Wi-Fi networks which are supported by the selected router.
Connect the equipment to AC power. Connect the cable service provider with the WAN connector. Now connect your desktop computer or laptop to LAN port Wi-Fi router. Turn on both devices.
After loading the operating system open an Internet browser and type in the address bar (Edimax Router). In the menu that opens, fill in the fields "username and "Password values are admin and 1234 respectively. After opening the web interface of the router, go to menu, General Setup and select WAN.
Select the type of data transmission channel, for example PPTP, and then click Next. Complete the following fields: User ID, Password and PPTP Gateway. The data you need to provide your provider. In the MTU field, enter a value of 1400. Activate the Dual Wan Access, setting it near the tick. Click the Apply button. The router will automatically reboot.
Click Status and then click Internet Connection. Make sure that the router is connected to server and got the IP address. Now again open the menu, General Setup and go to Wireless.
Set the wireless network name, password, type of security and type of radio signal. Click Apply and wait for reboot Wi-Fi router. Now click on Advanced Settings, select NAT and click Next. In the new menu select Virtual Server and click Next. Now click the Apply button. Configuring Wi-Fi router Edimax is complete.