Check whether your modem in the list of devices visible to the system. Go to "My computer", right-click on icons from the free space, select "Properties". You will see a small window with several tabs, select Hardware and click on the "device Manager".
In the list of existing equipment will see if there is modem. If you don't find it there. Then it is simply not installed the driver.
Insert the drive disk with software for motherboard or modem (if available separately). Open "control Panel", select the menu item "add hardware". In the window that opens, search is connected to the computer devices. After that, the add new hardware wizard will give you the list of found hardware. Select your built-in modem, click "Install software".
Select install from a specific location and then using the "Browse" button specify the path to the driver disk. Install the software, restart the computer and check the hardware in device Manager. Please note that some models of modems require the installation of special software for further customization, best of all read additional information on the Internet specifically on your device.
If you could not install the software for the internal modem using the CD drivers, try to choose installation of the equipment via the Internet. To do this, run the add hardware wizard and let it connect to the network and to automatically locate and install the drivers for your hardware. Thereafter, also check whether to display the internal modem in the Manager list.
If you are still having problems installing the software on an internal modem, try to consult with technical support, he may just be faulty.