You will need
  • - the statement;
  • - passport;
  • - the inventory of the hereditary estate;
  • - death certificate;
  • - the documents confirming relationship;
  • - title documents to the property.
A will must be made in notarial or written simple form with the obligatory notarial certification. One copy remains with the notary at the place of registration of the document, the second is kept by the testator.
Ask the notary made the will or not, during the life of the testator, you can not, because this information is kept secret till the moment of acceptance of the inheritance. Legal force has only the later will that the testator left before his death, and only if it has not been adjudged insane by reason of mental disorder.
During the life of the deceased, you can ask him about the will. If you are uncomfortable directly ask question and raise such a delicate subject, but at the same time you are caring for a sick relative is likely to have access to his documents. Carefully review all the paperwork, including can be stored the second copy of the will.
After the death of the testator once again carefully inspect all the documents. If the will is not found, then learn about it you can only after serving all the documents on acceptance of inheritance.
Even if you found a will and it has your name, it does not mean that you will inherit all the property which you bequeathed. The testator could revoke the document or to make another, and if a new will is the latter, then it will be legally binding.
For the inheritance, please refer to the notary, write a statement, present your passport, proof of relationship to deceased, death certificate, inventory of estates, documents of title to immovable property.
If any documents you do not, the notary will make inquiries in the right organization and help you prepare the necessary documents for acceptance of the inheritance. After that all the heirs will be announced the last will of the testator, and you will learn you enter in the number of heirs under the will or not.
Without a will, you will receive the inheritance under the law among all heirs of the testator.