You will need
  • computer;
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - passport;
  • - library card to the library;
  • - dictionary of names.
Ask your relatives about family history. Gather even small information, but especially pay attention to where the family lived, if she moved, what he did and grandparents professionally.
Find your name in one of the dictionaries of surnames. It will not help you to know your specific ancestry but will indicate in which direction to move. For example, in such dictionaries may contain information in which geographic area had the name, is it foreign or Russian origin, in which social layer is spread. It will narrow the circle of your search.
Examine the aspect of family history associated with participation in hostilities. In particular, start a study with a "memory Book" is a relatively complete collection of the names of the dead and missing during the great Patriotic war. It can be found in museums, large libraries and on the Internet in digital form.
Go to the website of the "memorial" society. There on the search page, enter your surname, name and patronymic of your family memberalleged to have participated in the great Patriotic war. In response, the system will display a list of names of the dead and missing soldiers. In this list you can specify the year of birth and death of his relative, and place of birth that will help you to Refine your search of relatives.
If you know the names of your ancestors who are of age can participate in the first world war, find in the library filing military journals of the period, such as "Russian invalid". They also published lists of the dead and missing.
After you have figured out geographically where your ancestors lived, try a search in the archive of the appropriate region or city. The difficulty is that person in the files you will not allow, if you have nothing to do with a research Institute or study at the faculty of history. But you can order in the archive are a certificate or extract of the your documents. A number of archives provide paid assistance to those involved in the search for ancestry, for example, advice to to approach.