You will need
  • - death certificate;
  • - passport, birth certificate and other documents confirming the kinship with the deceased;
  • - the statement on opening of hereditary business.
Look for a will in the house of the deceased

The last will and Testament certified by a notary, shall be prepared in 2 copies. One of them, the testator can leave his or transfer to heir/heirs. So, before you find out if a will in notarial services, inspect carefully stored in the house documentation. It must be made in writing with a notary stamp.
Contact the notary at the place of registration of the deceased

Prepare a document on the transfer of the inheritance each person has the right at any notary, regardless of their place of residence. So it could be written even in another city. However, more likely to find the will of a deceased relative in the notary office at the place of its last registration.
Provide the necessary documents

To find the will of the deceased must present the death certificate and documents proving family relationship (birth certificate, passport, certificate of marriage, etc.). Also, the notary will need to write a statement about the opening of the hereditary cases and about joining the legacy.
Find out if a will in notarial chamber

If there is no time to avoid all notaries, are available in the city, contact the above standing on. Notarial chamber of the subject of the Russian Federation, in which resided the deceased, may obtain information about the notarial acts from all lawyers of the region. Therefore, to find the will of the deceased will be easier. Here it is necessary to provide the same documents as a notary. If you are in another city, you mail the request in written form with all documents. The closer the kinship with the deceased (children, spouse or parents), the most likely to approve your request in the notary chamber.