To inherit either by law or by will. Last for the heirs is preferable and much easier in design. If the will is made in detail and contains the identification of all property from the heirs may need only a passport. In order to obtain the inheritance, in principle, do not need to seek the assistance of lawyers, it is sufficient to refer to the notary and write a statement about joining the legacy. After submitting an application, if need be, you will be given a list of documents to be collected, and can explain where to obtain the necessary documents and certificates.
Key documents may require a notary: certificate of death of the testator, a certificate showing the last residence of the testator. Testamentary exempts heirs from having to prove the relationship, as a will can be issued to any person. If you want to issue a challenge inherited real estate may be required: title and right supporting documents, cadastral and technical passport, certificate of BTI of the inventory value of the property at the date of death of the testator, certificates from tax authority about absence of debts under taxes on real estate, extract from the unified state register on absence of encumbrances and restrictions on real property.
In the design of the vehicle may be required: certificate of registration of the vehicle, the vehicle registration document, contract of sale, help, account, report the market value of the car on the day of the death of the testator. All documents are provided to the notary public solely in the originals. Inherit can and cash placed with credit institutions, and securities, such as stocks. If you arrange the receipt of deposits, you need to provide the Deposit agreement or passbook. For registration of the shares, you specify the details of the legal entity (INN, OGRN, the name), is a fresh extract from the register of shareholders, certificate of the appraised value of the securities at the date of death of the testator.
On the basis of the documents submitted the notary shall issue a certificate of inheritance. A certificate may be issued to all heirs together, and also separately for each of the heirs, specifying their due share. Probate by a notary occurs within 2-4 weeks. After obtaining the certificate of inheritance should apply to appropriate state bodies for registration of transfer of ownership.