The testator in the Russian Federation may make a will at any notary engaged in relevant activities on the territory of the country. This is expressed in the principle of freedom of the will, which is the basis of the domestic law of succession. That is why quite often there are situations in which a will is made in another city, and not in place of immediate residence of the testator. This creates numerous problems for the testator and for his future heirs. In this regard, the testator and the heirs should take certain actions to facilitate the procedure of subsequent entry into an inheritance and disposition of property.

What the testator when making a will in another city?

If the testator wrote his will in another city, he may apply to the notary, who keeps the document with a written statement on the transfer of the will at the domicile of the testator. The notary must meet specified application and to pass a will for safekeeping the notary, which will indicate the testator's place of residence. If the testator does not submit such Declaration, his future heirs can face numerous problems with future entry into the inheritance. Often the devisor is not misleading to future heirs about the probate, so the last turn to a notary at the place of residence of the testator immediately after his death. To find a notary in another city and ask him for acceptance of the inheritance in such cases is almost impossible.

What do the heirs when making a will in another city?

If the testator for any reason does not gave a will deposited with a notary at the place of residence, but the heirs know about the existence of a specified document at a specific notary in another city, they may accept the inheritance remotely. Civil law allows the heirs to apply for acceptance of inheritance to the notary by mailing these statements or their transmission through representatives. The only condition is the notarial authentication of the signature of the heir on the statement with the designated modes of transmission. To take the estate through a representative is also possible, but the representative must present a power of attorney with relevant powers.