Check the documents of potential employees. Required documents for employment are: passport, employment history, insurance pension certificate and the certificate was. If the employee is liable, he must provide military ID. There are other documents you may be asked to show, for example, a document about education.
If the employee no SNILS (pension certificate) or work book, you need to register them. For registration of the insurance certificate, contact the Pension Fund, before it complete the application form in electronic and paper form. Make a list of all individuals who are assigned a national insurance number. For processing the work book to go anywhere is not necessary, it must arrange yourself.
Get from a temporary employee's application for employment. It can indicate that the work is temporary. The document should be made in the name of Director of the company.
Make an order for the adoption to work. In the line "conditions" specify that the work is temporary. Enter the amount of salary, the district factor, the amount of overhead. An administrative document is required to specify the position. Give the employee personnel number.
Make job descriptions and give them to the signature of the employee. His signature will indicate your agreement with the above information. Check the date – it should be no later than the date of conclusion of the employment contract.
Conclude fixed-term employment contract. When planning, refer to the article 59 of the Labour code. Be sure to include in a legal document such items as pay, working conditions, leisure time, vacation, work hours, and other. The contract must specify the period of validity of the document.
At the request of the employee you can enter data in the workbook. The wording does not need to specify that the work is temporary, just refer to the previously issued order.