Depending on your phone model Nokia will use the corresponding method enable the flashlight. If you have any device that can be attributed to budget price categories (for example, model 1280, 108, 105), the inclusion of the flashlight is accomplished by double clicking on the "up" button of the keypad in the standby mode.
If you are the owner of Nokia models E72, E73, E63 or E5-00 to activate the flashlight, you must first unlock the keypad. Then press and hold the spacebar located in the bottom of the unit as long as flash will not be included. Nokia E6 also has this feature. To activate, pull the lever to unlock the phone screen down and hold it in this position for about 5 seconds as long as the flashlight is not included.
If your phone has camera flash you can also use it as a flashlight. To do this you need to install the appropriate your device software. If you have a phone on platform Symbian, download Light 2 ("Flashlight") on your device with the phone browser or computer.
Run this utility on your phone, and then complete the installation procedure. Activate the program through the main menu of the device by clicking on the appeared icon in the "My apps" and click on the power button flashes on the screen.
For phones based on Windows Phone also has the app "Flashlight". Open the device menu and go to Market. In the search box enter "Flashlight" and wait for the results. Download your favorite app by selecting it in the list and selecting "Install". Wait until the end of the procedure, go to the device menu and launch the application. Tap the screen to turn the feature on.