Unfortunately, the possibility of making telephone calls from unwanted people into the black list does not exist for all devices Nokia. You can install special software just for touch smart phones from this company running the Symbian operating system v9 1.4 S60 5th edition such as 5800, 5530, 5230, N97, N97 mini, X6, C6, N8. It will allow filtering calls and protect against mobile spam. Install in your phone the application CallFilter, Handy Blacklist BlackListCaller or, fill in their numbers of unwanted callers, and their calls to chip wakes up automatically. These program you can download at the all-Russian portal of the smartphones series 60.
If your Nokia mobile phone is not a versatile, but you are a subscriber of the operator "MegaFon" or the "Skylink" service will also be available. Find out the operators conditions of connection and activate it by typing the indicated number.
In that case, when you are subscriber of "MegaFon", your account will be debited lump sum for service "blacklist", and then on a monthly basis will be charged a small monthly fee. By using the service, you can bar incoming calls from certain numbers.
Subscribers network "Skylink" connected with this service, you can create black and white lists of phone numbers. The service operates in two modes. When you have activated the mode "the Black list", subscribers of it will not be able to get through to your phone. In the "White list" you can reach only those who are included in this list. You must not forget that time and to switch operation modes of your camera.
Owners of non-touch Nokia phones that are not subscribers of cellular operators "MegaFon" or the "Skylink", you can suggest a simple way to protect yourself from unwanted calls. Install on the phone numbers that you would like to contribute to your "black list" ringtone – "sound off" or make forwarding those calls to a nonexistent number consisting of fewer digits.