Before you can use the service "Black list", activate it. Just dial one of the numbers: for example, call 5130. In addition, the clients of "MegaFon" is the ability to send USSD-request *130#. The operator must first obtain and process the request, and then send to caller two different SMS (they will arrive on mobile in a couple of minutes). One of these messages will contain information about the successful order services, while the second will be that the "Black list" was connected (or not connected for some reason). Immediately after the activation the client will be able to edit your list to put in there rooms, to view or delete them).
Now follow the instructions that will allow you to enter the desired number in the black list. To replenish the list, type in your mobile number of a special USSD-command *130*+79XXXXXXXXX# or send an SMS that will contain a + symbol, and also the number of the subscriber. Please note that all rooms must be specified in ten-digit format: 79xxxxxxxx. Incorrectly specified phone number, the request will not be sent.
After the procedure of replenishment of the list is available and view it (you can check which numbers are already listed, and which have yet to make). To see the contents of the black list, use the already specified number 5130: send him a message INF. There is also the possibility to send a request *130*3#. To remove any of the room type on the keyboard of your mobile a USSD-command *130*079XXXXXXXXX#. In addition, the operator allows you to clear the list , not gradually, but all at once: just send a USSD-request *130*6#.