Install black list to Nokia is not difficult, you can manage the service in any convenient way for you. Activate the service and make a request, dial a USSD-command *130# and press the call key. If the query do not work, then call in the information and referral service on 0500 or send a blank message to short number 5130. After processing your request the operator will send you two messages that says that the service ordered has been activated successfully.
Now get edit black list, i.e. add and remove rooms. To add number in blacklist, dial *130*+79XXXXXXXXX#, press the call or send the text with the sign "+" and specify the number of the desired subscriber in the format 79ХХХХХХХХ. To remove any number from the list, send a request by dialing *130*079XXXXXXXXX# or SMS message with the sign "-" and number.
If you want to look at those numbers you added in the black list, send a request *130*3# or SMS message with the text of the INF the number 5130. remove the numbers not individually but all at once, dial *130*6#. To deactivate black list type SMS-command OFF and send it to short number 5130, and send a USSD-request *130*4#.
Don't forget to check whether you have sufficient funds to connect the service "Black list", dialing *100# and call button. This service has a monthly fee if you connect where you will be subject to n-Naya amount. And if you connect this service for the first time, you will be charged more amount than when you connect this service a second time. Deactivation of the service "Black list" is free.
Use the official website of the operator on the Internet, where you can more accurately find the information you need, including to manage the service "Black list" in the self-service system "Service-Guide".