Start Mozilla Firefox. Click on the menu browser is an orange rectangle with the words Firefox in the upper left corner of the program window. Select menu item "Extras". You can also simply press Ctrl+Shift+A.
Go to the tab "Manage add-ons" section in the "Get add-ons" to load in the browser a new topic. Using the scroll bar, scroll down to the bottom of the page. Select the link "Show all themes and Wallpapers".
Browse themes available for download. Choose a topic category page, on the left ("Large", "Compact", "Animals", etc.), as well as sort by popularity and date uploaded ("highest rated", "Newest", "Recently updated", "rising", etc.).
Click on preview, you are interested in theme — will open a page with more detailed description. You can view the illustration with elements of the theme, and read reviews of users who have already installed and.
Click on the "add to Firefox" to install the selected theme in your browser. Confirm your intention to install the add-in the window that appears. If setup requires a restart of the browser (this message will appear on the screen), agree to restart.
Wait until the browser is restarted. Again click on "Manage add-ons" (described above). Select "appearance" to see the list of all installed to your browser themes. Topics that you do not like or bored, you can remove. Enable the theme by clicking on the appropriate button. To make the changes take effect, need to restart Mozilla Firefox.
Add a personal touch to an established theme with Wallpaper. Go to the selection page Wallpaper, you can according to the same scheme: "Manage add-ons" "Get add — ons". Try on you are interested in the Wallpaper on your browser simply by hovering on the preview the mouse — drawing is displayed on the panels Mozilla Firefox. If you like, install your chosen Wallpaper.