You will need
  • Adobe Photoshop
Open the program and click the menu item "File > Open" (File > Open) or use the shortcut keys Ctrl+O, enter the path to the desired picture and click "Open". In the workspace of the program will appear a new document. Next, decide how you will give it extra height. The first is to simply stretch it vertically (see the second paragraph of the instructions). The second stick from the bottom or top of another image (see third and fourth paragraphs of the instructions).
Click the menu item "Image > image Size" (Image > Image size). A new window will appear in which you have to remove the check mark next to "Maintain aspect ratio" (Constrain proportions). Now find the section "Dimension" (Pixel dimensions) and the increase in the parameter "Height" (Height). When finished, click "OK". As you can see, the image is stretched in height. How to save the image, read the point 5 of the user.
Click the menu item "Image > canvas Size" (Image > Canvas size). Increase the eye parameter "Height" (Height), in the future you at any time will be able to correct him. Turn the background to a full layer: click right mouse button and from the appeared menu choose "Of background" (From background) and click OK
Upload another image in the same way as in the first step. Using the settings in the "Image > image Size" make the image width is same as the pictures. Using the Move tool (Move, hot key V) to drag and drop this picture to a document with the main image and position both layers as needed. If the height of the canvas is not big enough, fix it.
To save the image, click the menu item File > Save as (File > Save as), enter the path to the new file, its name, the desired format and click "Save".