Physical load on the muscles of the stomach should be daily. In the morning, select a few minutes to strengthen your abs. Lie on your back, hands put under the buttocks, raise straight legs up. On the inhale lower your legs to the floor, but not touch it. On the exhale, raise your legs up. Repeat 15-20 times.
Lie on your back, hands under hips, raise your legs up perpendicular. On the exhale, lift hips off the floor a few inches, inhaling, return to starting position. Repeat the exercise 15-20 times. The rise of the hips should be at the expense of the muscles, bottomand belly.
Lie on the floor, legs lock over the edge of the sofa, hands behind his head. On the exhale lift your upper body using the muscles of the lower press. Tingling inthe bottomfrom the stomach will mean that you have involved the right area. On the inhale return to starting position. Repeat 15-20 times.
Stand up straight, take a hula-Hoop. Turn it in at the waist for a few minutes. With this exercise you effortlessly pull the bottom of the abdomen. Folds of fat disappears, the muscles will become stronger, and lost the sagging skin inthe bottomfrom the belly.
Purchase a course of massage on the stomach. A professional massage therapist gradually clean he bottom of the stomach, and makes the skin smooth. Revise their own food, stick to the zone diet. Eat seeds, nuts, dairy products, fish, poultry, eggs, fresh vegetables, fruits, legumes, seafood, vegetable oils. Avoid consuming chocolate, canned foods, pastry, fried, sweet, smoked, salted, fatty.