However, this is not a reason to give up and surrender to the mercy of nature. Remove fat in the lower abdomen though difficult, but quite real. It is enough to show perseverance and to make some effort. First, you need to reconsider your diet.
It is in any case does not mean that choosing to fight with body fat on the stomach, need to immediately go on a strict diet or stop eating. It is important to remember that a large deficit of calories coming in, the metabolism is greatly reduced in an effort to save money as much as possible so painstakingly derived nutrients. In the end the effect is the opposite – after a long hard dietary restrictions, the body begins to recover from each eaten Apple. Therefore, the food must be balanced and complete, so you can stick to permanently, not 7-10 days in a month.
In addition to a healthy diet requires regular exercise specifically for the lower part of the abdomen. The trained muscles will look more tight and toned, creating a strong corset around the problem areas. To learn the set of exercises are best under the guidance of a professional trainer who will be able to check the correctness of their implementation and determine the necessary amount of repetitions and approaches.
To remove belly fat are very effective exercises combined with a special intensive breathing. Techniques such as body Flex or occisis can help solve the problem of body fat quickly and effectively. In addition, they do not require a large investment of time and good physical training, so to do they may even completely untrained and very full people classic exercises is not available. But in all breathing techniques is one important requirement – the breath during the class must be exactly as prescribed in the instructions, otherwise the result will be. So you should spend more time specifically on mastering the correct technique of breathing exercises.
For the best and fastest effect of diet and exercise is useful to combine with massage of the problem area. Abdominal massage is both a health and cosmetic procedure. On the one hand it improves gastrointestinal tract, eliminates flatulence and dyspepsia, on the other – effectively removes fat deposits by stimulating lymphatic drainage and improving circulation. But to entrust this complicated procedure should only the experienced, professional therapists, not to cause harm to their health.