Lie on your back, hands along the body, legs lift up. On the inhale lower the right leg inthe bottom, but do not touch her sex. Hold for 4 seconds in this position. Exhaling, lift the leg up again. Repeat the exercise on the left leg. Do 20 approaches on each leg.
Palm put under the buttocks, lower back, try to nail to the floor, straightened leg position at an angle of 90 degrees. Exhaling, lower the legs to 60 degrees and within 20 seconds, ' s them up atthe bottom. On the inhale lift your legs up. Repeat the exercise 10 more times.
Put your feet on the floor. On the inhale lift them at a distance of 20 cm from the floor. Hold the legs in the air for 1-2 minutes, then completely relax. Do 3-4 approach.
Palms put on the back of the head, the legs lift off the floor, but keep them very bottomto (not higher than 10 cm). Do crossing of the legs, that is, the exercise "scissors". Try to do it at least a minute. Then lower your feet on the floor and completely relax the muscles of the lower press.
Put your hands along the body, legs raise off the floor. Describe feet circles clockwise for a minute. Knees do not bend. Then repeat the exercise counter-clockwise.
Bend your knees, place the heel near the buttocks. On the inhale make a twist in the lumbar spine and down both legs right thigh on the floor. Legs squeeze tightly together. Exhaling, return to original position and repeat the twist to the left.
Feet put on the floor, hands put on the belly. On the inhale maximally inflate the belly with the exhale, draw it in, straining the abdominal muscles. Perform each exercise for 1 minute. Then loosen the press. This exercise can be done during the day, for example at work or in transit. Only it does not need much to inflate the abdomen and to keep hands on it. Regular repetition of this exercise will accelerate the positive effect you desire to achieve.