First of all you should forget about the wrong, although very tempting food. Fried, flour, sweet and the more alcohol, the worst enemies of your figure and abdomen. Replace them with vegetables, mashed potatoes, delicious salads (without mayonnaise), light broths and fresh juices or mineral water without gas. No need to eat at one meal all that prepared, it would be better if you eat small portions but often. And, by the way, breastfeeding moms rule not to eat after six no spreads – you need to feed the baby. Just try this time to drink juice or eat light salads, which will not burden neither the figure nor conscience.
To reduce belly a couple of inches will help a fasting day. It would be – apples, yogurt or a fresh cucumber salad – you decide, but it is important not to starve yourself and drink a lot of water or green tea.
Start to take care of your problem area using special tools. Buy massager, anti-cellulite body creams, scrubs and a scrub brush. In the shower RUB your tummy, otshelushivaet the skin and apply constantly the nutritional compositions. During pregnancy be sure to use a cream for stretch marks – this will soon allow the tummy to normal after childbirth.
Keep a straight back. Hunched hunched back and round shoulders will not allow your abdomen to maintain vitality, but rather will relax the abdominal muscles. Back straight, you yourself will feel like your tummy quietly sucked and was visually less. During the day, look at your reflection in shop Windows or mirrors and viprasys if you're "bent".
Make friends with sports. Or at least every other day do a little workout. Download press, draw and relax the stomach muscles, be friends with the dancing and Jogging, spin the Hoop. Pick up a set of exercises which will suit you, it's easy, not really hard to do all the exercises. And then your tummy will quickly return to their previous forms.