Advice 1: What do the exam scores

Early marks for examinations passed exposed on five-point system, a familiar and understandable. Now the results of the exam double-digit numbers that allow you to more objectively assess the knowledge of the student and give him a pass for further study.

What do the exam scores

A huge number of graduates having a completely different level of knowledge and give the exam. In order to objectively assess their individual training, the leading Russian experts were introduced such concepts as "primary" and "test" scores.

Each task of the exam is graded from 1 to 6 points. Primary score is a simple sum of all correct answers. Depending on the discipline the maximum number of points varies from 37 to 80.

After setting the raw score is the procedure of scaling, which is the translation of the results obtained in test scores based on the processing of the replies received. Therefore, the test score is the final score obtained by each students according to the exam results.

Scale, according to which the translation of the raw score in a test that takes into account the complexity of tasks and the results of the statistical analysis of all examination papers of the participants. The calculation is carried out using a specially developed computer program, which is based on a mathematical model that takes into account a range of intermediate indicators.

To confirm the development of educational disciplines, graduate must earn the minimum number of test points, which is regulated by the order of Rosobrnadzor on the results of each specific exam. Information about the required minimum test scores becomes available 7 days after the exams for a specific.

If the number of points you received on the results of the exam are higher than the statutory minimum, it means that you passed the exam, successfully completed the programme of secondary education and can use the results for admission to the UNIVERSITY.

In the case when your result one of the two mandatory exam below the minimum, then you can exercise your right to retake the exam. However, it can be done only in special reserve days once and only on one subject.

If you did not receive the minimum number of points in two compulsory subjects (Russian language and mathematics), then you will be denied re-examination in the current year. In this case, you will naturally lose your passport and will only receive a certificate of training in high school. In this case, the right to retake the exams next year.

Advice 2 : Where it is possible to do the exam on the Russian

Unified state examination on the Russian language - one of the most important tests for applicants. From successful completion of the Russian language curled the total number of points and level of University, in which he will be able to do.
Where it is possible to do the exam on the Russian
To do with Russian you will be able to a number of remote universities on a commercial basis. Full educational program of the first higher have UNIK, Moscow state University. Witte. Unlike conventional institutions, you will receive jobs by mail and to pass all the exams remotely. This form of distance education is especially convenient if you are going to combine work with study.
Russian language will be sufficient for admission to the athletic departments of institutions of pedagogical profile. In addition to the certificate with scores will be required to pass entrance sporting regulations (running, swimming). Advantage for admission will be medals for the regional and Federal competitions and set records.
Three exams required for admission to the budget office of most Russian universities. In addition, the exam in Russian, the second "basic" subject is math her delivery is necessary for receiving a high school diploma. The third subject profile for each University. Physics or computer science for technical majors, social studies or history, to law and Humanities, literature will be useful for entering the universities.
If you failed to pass the exams, but the Russian, along with everyone in school, you can take the exam in other subjects in the "second wave" directly to the University, which is going to arrive. Write an application for additional examinations, specify the list of specialties on that claim. Attach to the application a copy of the certificate and the certificate exam.
Useful advice
In case of failure to admission to higher educational institution you can still apply to College. Vocational education can be considered as independent, and as a step towards higher. The competition takes place at the average score of the school grade, the certifications exam is not needed.
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