You will need
  • starter;
  • - Ural motorcycle;
  • - angle grinders machine;
  • - the cutting disc;
  • - steel;
  • tools.
Starter set from the gearbox (transmission) side or top (for better layout). Before you begin installation of this device, you should change the configuration of the pedal of the kickstarter, or to remove this item from construction.
Mark the sample in the crankcase and cut the cutting disc, attaching it to the angle grinder machine. Then fabricate a steel plate with a Central opening designed into the housing of the starter and mounts. Make extra-long stud block and side of the bushing under the plate.
Made of aluminum manufacture two separate or one continuous lower mount, which argon arc weld to the transaxle case. During welding of structure be sure to remove the rubber seal from the transaxle case. In that case, if the transmission is disassembled, install it in the primary and secondary shafts, then close the rear cover and secure it using the four bolts, and then just weld.
Starter fix on the flange. Set in a "working" state, the gaps between the roller clutch and ring gear and between the gear wreath of a flywheel and a starter gear. As the starter armature with end manifold rotates in two bearings, check their condition for signs of backlash and output.
Put new bushings, which then process the scans to the diameter of the axial shaft. After issuing clearances perform a "dragging" mounting flange to the crankcase transmission.
Connect the starter to the battery and do a series of test runs (spark plugs must be unscrewed). Note: rotation should be free, that is without jamming, and the sound is monotonous.
After checking, perform the final welding of the surfaces and control the work of the starter.