Many young mothers believe that lactation is incompatible with the dental treatment and postpone going to the dentist until the end of the breastfeeding period. The condition of the teeth worsens almost all nursing women, as the reserves of calcium are transferred to the child together with breast milk. The child needs lots of calcium for healthy bone apparatus. Calcium deficiency in the mother's body in the first place affects the health of the teeth. To delay treatment is not: it can lead to serious problems, including the loss of damaged teeth and the inflammatory process in the oral cavity. In addition, dental caries is a source of infection, undermining the immune system lactating women and may adversely affect the health of the child.
Dental treatment during lactation is allowed, but the doctor should know that his patient is breast-feeding to select the appropriate analgesic drug. Modern anesthesia is safe for both mother and child. Preparations not containing epinephrine, used even for treatment of pregnant women: they do not penetrate through the placental barrier and harm the child. The use of anesthetics with a short validity period while breastfeeding does not carry any threat to the kid anesthesia is not too long, medication passes into breast milk, so feeding the child the woman almost immediately after returning from the doctor. If in the course of treatment the woman requires antibiotics, the drug needs to be compatible with breastfeeding ("Amoxiclav", "Azithromycin").
Doctors recommend to feed the baby immediately before the procedure. Even if a small amount of medication gets into the milk by the next feeding substance will be withdrawn and will not be able to get in a kid's body. If the treatment course is long and involves constant medication, you can decant the milk supply and store it in the fridge to in case of need to feed the baby without putting him to the breast.
To remove a toothache at home, a nursing mother can take the anesthetic. Most secure analgesics during lactation is "Paracetamol". In the milk get a microscopic amount of the drug so prescribed doses it does not harm the child's body. In case of doubt, the choice of drug should be agreed with your doctor.