Report writing starts with writing "hats". In the center of the sheet, stepping back two or three rows from the edge type large font "REPORT". Immediately below on sales for the period from ... to ... . Further, if necessary, specify Department, position, surname, name, patronymic.
In the first paragraph of the report shall describe the planned volumes of sales. How much needed to attract new customers and how much money to with permanent.
In the second paragraph, mark the actual performance. Calculate the percentage as was exceeded the plan. If it was done - how was not enough to the expected numbers. The preferred schedule by weeks. So it will be immediately clear in which period the sales rose and fell.
Detailed description of the reasons for which the plan was not executed, position in the third paragraph. Write why managers have not coped with the task. Perhaps the rates were too high and they could not physically attract a number of customers. Or Department is inefficient, wasting a large amount of time working on the design of contracts and dispute management.
If the plan was exceeded, indicate in the third paragraph, thanks to whom this happened. Be sure to note the names of the best managers. List the names of the largest companies which were raised for the first time. If one of the regular customers increased the volume of purchases, write why it happened. This will help to make the strategy successful sales in the future.
In the fourth paragraph, make suggestions for improving the work of the division. If you want to hire new employees, marking it in the report. The absence of the necessary appliances, close jobs and other factors that prevent the increase in sales must be announced to the user.
The fifth paragraph reserved for the description of the sales plans for the next period. Give approximate numbers, which should seek managers. Calculate the profit of the division. Write desired amount of bonuses.
Get ready to defend your report to management. Practice in advance so that the questions do not catch you by surprise. Don't worry, be confident. At the meeting try to bring a strategy to increase sales and to develop actions that allow to optimize the work of the Department.