Advice 1: How to write a progress report

Report on the done work sooner or later need, perhaps, to any employee. It is not difficult, the main thing - clearly and consistently explain their actions and describe the result achieved.
Report is better first to sketch out the draft, and only then do the basic version
You will need
  • the ability to competently Express your thoughts
For a start, map the task to the result, to be sure that you do it reached. If everything is in order, it is possible to start writing of the report. You can get several options. The easiest option is present in free form, such as essays. In this case, it is possible to write in the report all that will fit, showing all the smallest details, up to the number of cups of coffee and get to work on Saturday.
More complex, but more professionally correct spelling of the report is to encapsulate it in a task. First select standing task. Then list the used resources. To include all types of resources, namely: time (how much time you spent on specified work), people (to care how many people had to resort), Finance (missed, whether you planned for the project budget). This is followed briefly but clearly describe the methods and techniques that were used in carrying out the work.
When the report is ready, carefully reread it to identify possible shortcomings. See if the report is more clear if we illustrate it with tables, graphs or diagrams. Do not be lazy to spend time on creating tables, attach them to the report. The user will appreciate such a thorough approach to work. If the report demands it, be sure to hem it with the required documents. This can be a financial trip report, a contract with a supplier or client, in General, anything that demonstrates the work you have done.

Advice 2 : How to write a report on the work

Reportsthat we have to write at workare different. The periodicity they can be weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual. The first two are most convenient for operational control, management and analysis. Quarterly reports include analysis of the activities of your Department or company and presented its results for the current quarter. The annual accounts are usually drawn up for senior management and contains comprehensive analyses of all activities of the enterprise. How to write a quick report about the work?
How to write a report on the work
If the frequency of report weekly or monthly, be sure to schedule his writing and note in your work schedule. Those who don't like to write statements that simply do not plan their writing, so they are always short of time. Best to write my report continuously to note execute orders and deeds and put them in a special diary. If given 5 minutes daily, then the weekly report will not have to be more than 10 minutes.
Report for work for a month or a week to write clearly and concisely. Reference specific cases and specific numbers that characterize your productivity. If she were greatly reduced in comparison with the previous period, indicate in its report the objective reasons of recourse and ask the authorities to comment on this to draw attention to the problem, the solution of which depends not only on you. It will be a kind of "strips" that you put in time.
Do not write records longer than a page. If you have little time for his writing, the manual is also no time to read a lengthy paper a person who is unable to concentrate his thoughts and to briefly present the result of their work. You just risk being underestimated, because the head is not strong enough to finish of all your labor feats, which you barely managed to make during the work week, or month.
Structure of information presentation should be uniform throughout the document. Consider, can be to make such reporting easier in tabular form.

Advice 3 : How to write a progress report

Joke about the fact that sometimes difficult to report on their work than performing it has a good reason. On how to write such report, the person who will read it may gain a clearer picture not only of the results of your work, but also about your business qualities. To he was not disappointed, it is necessary to competently and correctly write the report on the done work, knowing the basic requirements that predyavlyat to him.
How to write a progress report
Operational reporting has a different frequency and, consequently, should have different content. If you write a weekly or monthly report, in which your activity should be reflected in great detail, since they are designed for operational control. In the report for the quarter reflected the main indicators and analysis activities with the reasons hindering the work, if any. In the annual report – key results, assessment of their dynamics from the previous annual period and the forecast for the next year.
The report form can be arbitrary but the information structure is homogeneous. For clarity, use a tabular form of presentation, designed, if necessary, charts and graphs. The language of the report should be business, presentation is concise and clear. Its volume should not be large, be able to briefly explain the facts, take the time of the person who will read it. I think that he will be able to rate it highly.
In a weekly or monthly report reflect only the work performed and provide digital indicators of your work. In that case, if there is a significant difference in performance compared with the previous reporting period, make the analysis of this phenomenon and specify the reasons why this could happen.
Not to forget the fact that you managed to do for the day, spend 5 minutes writing a daily report, recording all their Affairs. In this case, the writing of the final report will not take you much time and will not pose any difficulty.

Advice 4 : How to write a trip report

Report on business trip refers to the travel document and included in the package of documents, which are carefully studied by the tax authorities during audits of income tax, the unified social tax and personal income tax. It is therefore very important to properly execute all papers included in this package. Portion of the securities is the company itself, and part of, including the trip report, prepared by the traveler.
How to write a trip report
Together with the order of assignment and travel card, the employee must get your hands on a utility job, made in unified form T-10A. In the service task must be specified the purpose of the trip, as well as its duration and the place or places where the employee goes. The purpose of the trip and the tasks that must be completed in its course, it is necessary to describe so that during the subsequent inspections, no one had any doubt of the necessity of production and the nature of the trip. Duty assignment and is signed by the head of Department and appointed by the Director.
The second part of the form T-10A is divided into two columns. The first lists the contents of the task (purpose) of the trip, the second a short report on the assignment. In that case, if no problems arise, it is sufficient after each item write the word "Done" and after the words "Employee", enter your surname, initials and put the date.
In that case, if the job was connected with certain difficulties, or it was not executed in some parts, it is necessary to give a more complete report and to specify the objective reasons that prevented the performance of official job on the trip. In this case, spaces left for the report in the unified form T-10, may not be enough, and the Annex to the report can be written on a separate sheet. Failure to comply with the unified form of the report is not classified as a violation of the rules of accounting and is not a violation of tax laws.
In the Annex to the report list those points of duty which were not implemented or partially implemented. For each item indicate the reasons that prevented its implementation. If it happened for reasons beyond the employee's reasons and circumstances and they are recognized as valid, the company is obliged to reimburse to the employee all travel expenses.
Useful advice
As shown by the judicial practice, the failure of the task on a business trip is no reason to not to include travel expenses in the tax cost. The only requirement is that the trip was more a production nature.

Advice 5 : How to write a trip report

Businesses and organizations send their employees on business trips for different purposes. The employee must report to the organization on the implementation of the work entrusted to him in a business trip. For the direction of the employee in business trip, you must fill out the standardized form, report about business trip the employee makes in the same form.
How to write a trip report
You will need
  • computer, Internet, paper A4, printer, pen, seal of the enterprise, relevant documents
Copy the link and paste into your Internet browser, go to it. Save the document in a convenient place on your personal computer.
Enter the form name of your organization.
Specify the document number and the date of preparation.
Enter the code of the enterprise in accordance with the national classification of enterprises and organizations.
Write your surname, name and patronymic of the employee sent on a business trip.
Specify the personnel number of an employee of your organization.
Enter in the appropriate field of the structural unit of the enterprise in which the employees work.
Select the Position (profession, specialty)", typing a post sent to a business trip.
Enter the destination of the trip, country, city, name of organization, where the employee.
Enter the start date of travel and date of graduation.
Specify the total number of calendar days of the employee in business trip and number of days, not counting time spent in transit.
Enter the name of the organization that will pay all future costs for an employee on a business trip, for example, hotel accommodation, travel, etc.
The basis for payment of expenses of the employee sent on a business trip, will serve as tickets, receipts of hotel etc.
In the column "Content of the job (goal)" describe the purpose of departure of the employee on a business trip.
Your signature, printed name, position of the write head of structural unit that employs the employee sent on a business trip, and a Director of the company.
After returning from a business trip, the employee makes a brief report about the trip and enter it in the appropriate field.
The worker puts his signature.
Head of Department writes a report on the execution of the job, puts his signature with decryption.
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