You will need
  • the ability to competently Express your thoughts
For a start, map the task to the result, to be sure that you do it reached. If everything is in order, it is possible to start writing of the report. You can get several options. The easiest option is present in free form, such as essays. In this case, it is possible to write in the report all that will fit, showing all the smallest details, up to the number of cups of coffee and get to work on Saturday.
More complex, but more professionally correct spelling of the report is to encapsulate it in a task. First select standing task. Then list the used resources. To include all types of resources, namely: time (how much time you spent on specified work), people (to care how many people had to resort), Finance (missed, whether you planned for the project budget). This is followed briefly but clearly describe the methods and techniques that were used in carrying out the work.
When the report is ready, carefully reread it to identify possible shortcomings. See if the report is more clear if we illustrate it with tables, graphs or diagrams. Do not be lazy to spend time on creating tables, attach them to the report. The user will appreciate such a thorough approach to work. If the report demands it, be sure to hem it with the required documents. This can be a financial trip report, a contract with a supplier or client, in General, anything that demonstrates the work you have done.