Despite the fact that hamsters looks like rather some fairy-tale creatures and characters in children's cartoons, remember that it is still a living creature and care for it properly. In order for a hamster as long as possible please master touching his fuss in a cage, you need to know a few simple rules of care of this animal.

All about the cell

Hamsters on the life of a loner, so it must be time to think about whether to buy just two or three individuals. It is better to be limited to one animal then will be calm for him and his master. Hamsters of the same sex can't stand each other and often fight, and heterosexual animals too loving, which is not always good.

Cage hamster must be spacious, comfortable and with horizontal bars - for the animal it is important because it can often while away the time, climbing on him. Otherwise, the crate should be just what you need: a drinking bowl, containers for food, mineral stone for grinding teeth and wheel for Jogging. By the way, hamster is a very active and moving animal, so this wheel it is simply necessary.

To absorb waste products of the animal cage floors shall be covered with extruded or granular filler, sawdust or toilet paper. In any case, not as filler to use cotton wool, because the hamster can get tangled up and break his paw. Fracture of legs for this animal is almost like a death sentence.

Proper care and feeding

It is known that if there is a cat, a cage with a hamster should be kept away from this toothy predator. It is best when the cat or dog to abstain from the purchase of a rodent.

Cage the hamster should be placed in the place where it is not exposed to direct sun rays. In addition, it should be placed away from drafts, radiators or heaters. You also need to ensure that there were no small items to which the animal could reach the cage.

Full maid in the home of the hamster should be performed at least once a week, and the place where the animal is accustomed to celebrate their natural needs, should be cleaned once a day. It should be noted that the hamster is very sensitive to when someone is hosting in his closet in which he keeps all their supplies of food. Therefore, when cleaning the cage, the pantry is better not to touch.

The ideal food for your hamster – dry mixed grain, corn sticks, herbal granules, special treats for hamsters. Rodent not abandon pieces of fresh vegetables, fruits and fresh herbs.