You will need
  • -napkin;
  • powder streptotsida;
  • -a solution of ampicillin;
  • - a decoction of herbs;
  • -ascorbic acid;
  • - glucose solution;
Put the diseased animal separate from others. Make sure that the room in which there is a Guinea pig, no drafts.
морских свинок не ужились в одной клетке стали кусаться
Gently with the napkin wipe the pig nose, to remove accumulated mucus and crust.
как вставить поилку морский свинки
Wuite nose pig powder streptotsida. Just make sure that it does not hit the animal in the eye. In the absence of the powder, drip in nose pet solution ampicillin three or four times a day. To prepare the solution: a capsule of ampicillin, dissolve in 12 ml of boiling water.
если не спаривать морских свинок
If the flu in pigs is not only runny nose but a cough, then cook for her infusion of herbs. It can be made from a decoction mother and stepmother, or nettle leaves. Give this infusion pet three times a day, a quarter of a teaspoon.
как лечить насморк у родившегося котенка?
Let's Guinea pig more vitamins. Cook for her a special potion that will strengthen the immune system of the animal. Dilute 40% glucose solution with 0.2% ascorbic acid solution. Observe the ratio 1:1. Let the medicine not more than six days at the rate of from 0.75 to 2.20 ml depending on the weight and age of your pig.
простуда у кошенят лікування
Expand the diet of a sick animal. Add to eating nettle leaves (both fresh and dried), beets, carrots and cabbage. As treats give the pigs green peas. Offer your pet the following vitamin treat: 1 ml glucose + 1 ml tongue, and mix it with one milliliter of water. This mixture can be given to an animal directly from the syringe.