You will need
  • - furacillin;
  • - penicillin;
  • "Ampiox";
  • - the vitamins;
  • - minerals;
  • - drugs that increase immunity.
Usual catarrhal rhinitis in a rabbit if untreated, can easily go to an infectious rhinitis. If the membranes of the nose swollen and red, there was a Muco-purulent discharge and sneezing, dried crust makes breathing difficult – it is an infectious disease whose treatment requires a serious approach. The first thing to separate sick animals to another room – insulate. All household items that come in contact with a sick rabbit that needs to be disinfected.
понос с глистами у декор кроликов лечение
Immediately consult an experienced vet who will put the exact diagnosis, conduct the necessary medical research in a clinical setting that will allow the detection of sensitivity to drugs, and on the basis of laboratory results, appropriate treatment for your pet.
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To prevent a runny nose in a rabbit use a solution of furatsilina. To do this, boil half glass of water and put in it a few tablets, mix thoroughly until dissolved, cool. Type in the pipette solution furatsilina and drop the rabbit in each nasal passage eight to ten drops. Treatment should continue for two weeks. Consult your veterinarian, who will prescribe vitamin complex and drugs that increase the body's resistance to disease.
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For the treatment of infectious rhinitis in rabbits is used penicillin (antibiotics). Make the aqueous solution and dial in the pipette. Try to put the rabbit back onto his lap and drip into the nose. Continue treatment with antibiotics for five to seven days. Soon a purulent discharge from the nose will cease. As the procedure is the instillation don't like the animal, he will fight and scratch, so don't forget to wear cloth gloves.
простуда у кошенят лікування
Provide the animal with minerals and vitamins, drugs that increase immunity. Within two weeks of entering into each nostril of the rabbit for five to eight drops of solution "Amphioxi" and the same number of 1% solution of furatsilina. "Ampiox" is diluted at the rate of one capsule two tablespoons of purified water.
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